Louder Than a Bomb

I am hosting 2 semi finals bouts today at Louder than a Bomb in Chicago. This event hosts over 100 teams from all over Chicago and surrounding suburbs. It is an intersection of the most diverse community of youth I have ever had the opportunity to work with. 

The work we do in the world creates a profound impact on our youth and on the adults who experience this type of event, be that audience member, judge, mentor, parent, educator…….and so on. Facilitating space that permissions love and listening, conversations and compassion over so many uncrossed, social, racial, economic, sexuality and gender lines is a necessary and powerful experience. 

If you are ever given the opportunity to participate in events like Louder Than a Bomb or Brave New Voices jump the chance. It will change your life and you will change the people you engage. 

So blessed So full of prayer 

Happy Sunday.

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